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I am Chuck, and I hold a unique position of having worked as an offshore boilermaker/welder to studying psychology and counselling. I aim to speak to the part of the individual where suffering resides the deepest. I am a personal consultant (most resembling a life coach and counsellor), where I assist clients with perspective and their own path forward through meaningful conversation, rather than advice.


I engage with clients only seeking Truth. With truth, comes responsibility; the responsibility for clients to pursue their ideal way to act, to think with more maturity, and speak more purposefully than they did yesterday.  

We’re all a little messed up... But we aim to find the OPTIMAL MODE OF BEING. 


We avoid tragedy and suffering, while in an unconscious search for meaning, purpose, pleasure, and social favour.  


The optimal mode of being lies somewhere in the balance between suffering and the will to meaning... 

Let's navigate that path together. 



“In the pursuit of purpose, meaning and perspective, people seek TRUTH. Truth about themselves and their relationship with partners, friends, career/job choice and environment. Truth is not always welcome, because with truth comes responsibility to change… Change is scary.


With only our environment and its constituents to help navigate wrong from right through our social lens, we develop voids where our actions and results don’t match our intrinsic intentions... These voids turn into suffering.

- Yours Truly, Chuck.



"He has a deep, well-rounded understanding of both conventional psychological principles and techniques"



CONTACT ME  |  +614 02 720 775 

Appointment Only - Bulwer Street, Perth 

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